Advanced Twitter marketing is a very powerful affiliate marketing tool, and should be part of every professional affiliate marketer’s toolbox.

Let’s cut through all the cacaphony of amateur advice being flung around and zero in on professional marketing strategies that really do work and are being used by full-time professional online marketers every day to make hefty affiliate marketing commissions in the real world… What works right now!

We’ve talked about the need for every affiliate marketing practitioner, from newbie to super-affiliate, needing a blog for each niche they operate in. There’s no doubt about this one – from free targeted traffic from the search engines to effective pre-selling posts to list-building squeeze pages and opt-in forms, blogs are the most important tool for power affiliate marketing right now.

So while Twitter is the hottest Web 2.0 platform right now and has as many different uses as it has users, the biggest value advanced Twitter marketing has for affiliate marketing is as a targeted traffic magnet to drive your target audience to your affiliate marketing blogs.

Think about it for a minute – your blog has links to your affiliate promotions, general information for people interested in your niche (your targeted prospects), an opt-in form on each page, and probably links to one or more products or free gifts you offer, right? So if you’ve built a targeted folowing on Twitter, those people would want access to all of that too, right?

And even though we’re professional affiliate marketers, our own behaviour on Twitter gives us a strong hint in how to use the site as part of what we do… When you read through the Tweets of those you follow, which are you most likely to click on or retweet? A tweet that says ‘Buy this now…’ or one that says ‘New Blog Post: Why…’ Of course, it’s the second one, right? And your followers will behave just like you do in most cases…

So while there’s nothng wrong with sending the odd straight pitch to your Twitter followers, your most effective tweets will be announcing new blog posts and pointing people to info already on your blog. Blog posts like 27 Proven Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Commissions Now! or Affiliate Marketing Using Twitter – 7 Twitter Tips can be tweeted every few days for months. (Don’t be afraid to re-send tweets – your followers usually don’t see every tweet you send, and you gain new followers there pretty mch every day.)

Do you have blog posts that offer incentives to people who join your opt-in lists? Smart professional affiliates give away value-packed reports that include their affiliate links to related products, like those you can download free from Jeff Dedrick’s Viral E-Book Explosion. Brand the e-book with your affiliate link, put up the accompanying list-building squeeze page, then do a blog post offering your free download to your blog readers.

Then go back to Twitter and post a tweet like ‘FREE DOWNLOAD: Get your free (whatever) report today from (site)’ This a) gets people to your blog, b) gets more people onto your opt-in list, and c) gives your followers great content while also putting your affiliate links in front of them. If you’re smart you’ll also give them a copy of the squeeze page with your opt-in form removed, so they can give away your branded report to build their own lists. Not all will, but those who do will be putting your affiliate links in front of that many more people.

But don’t just barrage your followers with your own tweets – no matter how witty, funny or ‘spay-shul’ you think you are, no one of us can be the complete answer for our target markets – and no one is an island, as the old saying goes. Just as your tweets help your followers, those YOU follow will post info helpful to you, too. Don’t be stingy – pass those tweets along to our people as well. Just be sure to do them as retweets – never steal another marketer’s tweets and claim them as your own.

One final tip from my upcoming Advanced Twitter Marketing System – don’t get addicted to Twitter. Yes, Twitter is a powerful affiliate marketing tool – but it’s JUST a tool. Just as you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to drive in a nail or a blowdryer to apply blush, each tool has it’s own usage. Give Twitter 10-15 minutes of your time every 3 or 4 hours, but then shut it back down and go on with your blogging, list-building, article marketing, video marketing and the rest of the activities involved in professional affiliate marketing. Twitter deserves to be added to your strategies, bt not at the expense of your other equally-effective marketing components.

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Advanced Twitter marketing, combined with current Web 2.0 marketing strategies is currently the most successful way to establish a new work-at-home business, increase your affiliate marketing profits, build a targeted opt-in list and drive targeted traffic to your sites, blogs and affiliate links.

Watch this space for the announcement when I release my new Advanced Twitter Marketing System later this week!

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