“No Experience Necessary?” If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing game for at least five minutes, you already know that experience is necessary if you hope to be successful in affiliate marketing. You may not need experience to sign up for an affiliate marketing program, but you definitely need a degree of skills and/or knowledge to sell the product as an affilaiate!

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The good news is that there is not a long learning period to learn how to do affiliate marketing successfully. If you pay attention to what others are perfectly willing to teach you, learning affiliate marketing is essentially a series of ‘hands on’ exercises that lead to success.

There are many, many courses available about Affiliate Marketing. Before you purchase a course, you should ask questions and get recommendations from other people that you trust concerning the course or courses in question. Some of the affiliate marketing courses that are available are outstanding, while others are pure junk.

It is also important that you purchase more recent courses, as opposed to those that were published in the past. The Internet changes fast, and the way affiliate marketing is done on the Internet changes just as quickly.

Some of what worked in the past will always work, such as article marketing, but other affiliate marketing techniques are out-of-date and no longer effective, like free classified advertising and free for all links advertising.

Essential things you need to know to be successful at affiliate marketing include: how to write ads, how to advertise in ezines, how to write articles or have them written for you, how to choose great affiliate programs, and possibly how to do teleseminars and make joint venture deals.

Also, do not assume that once you finish an affiliate marketing course you will not need to take another one in the future. As marketing changes, you will need to learn new skills. Stay up to date on the most current technology, as well as the most current affiliate marketing techniques. Schedule learning time weekly and keep practicing your craft – experience online is the best way to develop your affiliate marketing skills!

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