In Internet marketing and affiliate marketing there are a lot of ‘personalities’ – but very few true giants. One obvious exception, a true ‘giant’ in online marketing, is Stephen Pierce. If you’ve never experienced one of his live events, his live training, sign up right now and watch this Stephen Pierce video for free!

To see the video for free, you’ll be signing up for the notification list for Mike Filsaime’s launch next week – not for the product, just for the notification list. And that’s big too, in it’s own right!

You see, next week Mike is doing the biggest of the “Free + Shipping” releases that’s been done this year. He’s going to give out copies of the 7 Figure Code DVDs for Free, and Stephen’s video is from that set.

In June or July 2008 I personally paid $497 for these videos – and it was well worth it! It’s 16 sessions with some of the biggest names in the biz. But don’t take my word for it – watch the free Stephen Pierce video and you’ll see how great these videos are for yourself.

Most important to keep in mind is that this will only be available til he launches next week – so go watch your free video now!

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