There are a number of ways to make money with affiliate marketing. Some use articles, some do videos or podcasts, blogs are always a great idea, and your opt-in mailing list should always be your biggest source of affiliate marketing commissions.

But just WHAT you’re promoting makes a big difference too – for example, a one-off sale is usually much easier to make than selling someone into a membership, while a membership sale can mean good repeat (residual) commissions. In most cases the higher the price tag the higher the commission payable, but most affiliates find the difficulty goes up in proportion to the item’s price.

Once in a long while though, a different type of affiliate offer surfaces, as evidenced by Russell Brunson’s 12 Month Internet Millionaire 2.0 This is one you want to jump on right now, because the opportunity only lasts ONE WEEK.

From now until November 11, 2009, Russell is sharing his seminar from StomperNet that details how he went from 6-figures a year to 8 figures a year – heady stuff, and definitely a great watch for every Internet and affiliate marketer! And he’s letting you watch the video for free!

More importantly to affiliates, though, is the affiliate offer that goes with it. As soon as you sign up to watch the video you’ll be given an affiliate link of your own, and Russell is paying out $1.00 for each person you refer that watches the free video.

Did you catch that?

The $1 per person is paid to you for those you refer to the free video – not for anyone buying anything! So you’re making money without any sales taking place! Why would he do something like this – pay YOU for sending viewers who may not buy anything?

Next Wednesday, Nov 11th, Russell is launching version 2.0 of Russell Brunson’s 12 Month Internet Millionaire, and he’s counting on converting enough of the free leads to make back his money – and pay our commissions on those sales as well!

So not only do you make money if they eventually buy, but you’re ALSO making money online just by sending people to that free video – a free video that will teach viewers a LOT about how to structure their business to make a lot more money over the next year or two.

And that, fellow affiliates, is the easiest way to make money as an affiliate – by sending people to a free resource that will truly help them. And in this case it’s even easier, since you’re making money just for them watching the video – whether they buy later or not!

But again, this whole Pre-Launch only lasts 7 days, so get your affiliate link NOW and get it out there today! No matter how easy a promotion might be, you’ll never make any money online if you don’t take action! After all, my affiliate link to this promo is throughout this blog post, so I’m just suggesting you do as I do if you want to make more as an affiliate marketer!

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