Advanced Affiliate Marketing – 7 Ways To Increase Affiliate Marketing Commissions

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One thing every affiliate marketing business owner wants to do is find ways to make more money online, yet the truth is that most have overlooked one or more of the most common ways, or have simply stopped using some of the basic promotional techniques that made them successful in affiliate marketing to begin with. So even though you’ve reached a successful advanced affiliate marketing plateau, make sure you’ve neither missed nor forgotten these 7 affiliate marketing tips.

1) Always be building your opt-in lists. Building an opt-in list is usually the most profitable affiliate marketing strategy in terms of both making money online and the highest earnings for time invested. Affiliate marketing newbies often wait too long before building an opt-in list, and affiliate marketing pros often let it slide to lesser prominence in their marketing mix. Either is a major mistake – start building an opt-in list from day one, and never let it slip to secondary priority.

2) Use affiliate marketing blogs as your home base online, and drive as much targeted traffic as you can to your blogs and squeeze pages. Use your opt-in list to drive your affiliate marketing leads to affiliate offers, but use all of your other traffic-generation strategies to get people to your blogs and get them onto your list – turning that targeted traffic into affiliate marketing leads on your opt-in list is the way to build your business most securely.

3) Stay tightly focused on your niche. Yes, you will see great offers on products and services in other niches, but don’t confuse your readership by jumping all over the place. They count on you to be the expert in one tightly focused area, not to inform them of every good product available online. If you want to start promoting products in a different niche as well, create separate affiliate marketing blogs and opt-in lists for each different niche. You know what your affiliate marketing leads are targeted towards, so stick to just that niche every time you contact them.

4) Before promoting any service or product, consider whether it would truly be helpful to the majority of people on your opt-in list. Too often affiliates start basing what they promote on what they can potentially make from that offer instead of what’s best for the prospect. Long term success comes from helping your affiliate marketing leads find the solutions to their problems, not from trying to get them to spend as much as possible.

5) Try to achieve a good price-point balance in your affiliate marketing promotions. Remember that many of the people on your list may not be able to afford products or services costing hundreds of dollars, but also realize that you aren’t going to achieve your dream lifestyle on $2.98 commissions, either. Keep a balanced mix of free, low-end, mid-range and high-ticket products in your affiliate marketing stream to help everyone reach their goals, yourself included.

6) Network heavily, both in person and on the social networking sites. In every industry there’s some truth to the saying that ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, and affiliate marketing is most definitely an industry where this holds true. From learning new strategies to being amongst the first to hear about new affiliate marketing opportunities and big joint venture launches, having friends in the business is a necessity to be successful in your advanced affiliate marketing activities.

7) Re-invest in your affiliate marketing business. If you’re serious about becoming a super-affiliate you need to operate your affiliate marketing as it’s own business, not just as a hobby or another job. To keep moving forward you’ll need to re-invest a percentage of everything you’re making online. You’ll need various new software programs and memberships, new tools and resources for building your lists, additional hosting for your growing empire, and you’ll need to upgrade your computers every couple of years. Plus, to get known a lot better and meet the people who can help you take your business over the top, you need to attend the live industry events as often as possible and network with the big dogs, plus get into coaching programs or hire a mentor to help you move up faster.

8) And here’s a bonus tip for you… Do a time audit on yourself every so often to see how much time online you’re actually spending building your affiliate marketing business and how much is just time frittered away on other pursuits and interests. If you’re planning on replacing an 8-hour a day job with your own online home business and to make double, triple or ten times what that job paid, you’d better be willing and able to spend a focused 8 hours a day or more on building your affiliate marketing business. After all, if it could be done in just an hour or two a day, why would anyone do anything else for a living?


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