For people who know that they want their own online business, and a full time career working from the comfort of their own homes, affiliate marketing offers a wonderful solution. Often, people know that they want to be in business for themselves, but they don’t have any ideas for a product or service to offer, and even if they do have an idea, they don’t have the funds or the ability to create the product or service.

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With affiliate marketing, the greatest advantage is that you don’t need your own product or service. You simply promote someone else’s products or services for a commission of the sales. There are generally no start up costs, and no overhead, other than the need for a computer with an Internet connection.

Other costs are minimal, at best, and include the cost of an autoresponder, a domain name, and a website. An affiliate marketing business can literally be started for under $100, if you already have a computer. Starting a full blown internet business, on the other hand, where a product or service must be created, can cost thousands of dollars.

Even after a business is started, the cost of maintaining the business and serving customers can become astronomical! The headaches of running such a business become intense as well.

With affiliate marketing, you can avoid all of that. Delivery of the product or service is someone else’s responsibility. Running the business is someone else’s problem. All of that overhead is someone else’s concern. All you have to do is market the product or service.

You will of course need to keep your own records regarding your income and expenses, but when it’s all said and done, your job is simply to market the product or service, and to let the company handle the rest of the work. You also won’t have to deal with refunds, even though such refunds will affect your affiliate commission.

Another advantage of affiliate marketing is that while it is desirable to have your own domain name and website, it isn’t required. You can market affiliate programs without a website at all, using free blogs, writing articles, publishing your own newsletter, and purchasing ezine ads – all of which will direct potential customers to the affiliate sales page, through your affiliate link.

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