Yesterday we discussed the need for affiliates to be building opt-in lists for affiliate marketing success. As the next installment in the Captain Affiliate’s List-Building for Affiliates series, today I want to show you two powerful free list-building videos from my friend Socrates Socratous.

What makes these two free list-building videos so powerful? First, the list-building technique in the first video doesn’t cost a cent to implement, while the second has a minor cost but goes on to show how to make up to a 3,000% profit on that tiny investment – all on autopilot! And secondly, these are totally new methods of building opt-in lists for most affiliate marketers – in fact very very few online marketers of any stripe have seen these list-building secrets!

The first video shows how to harness the power of major software sites to build affiliate marketing lists quickly – not only does Socrates show you how to tap into this major targeted traffic stream for free, he’s even giving you free software to use to build your list there!

This is a truly set-and-forget list-building system… You spend an hour or two setting it up, then it runs on autopilot for months, even years, bringing in thousands of targeted prospects to subscribe to your lists – over 3,000 subscribers so far from the one in the video alone. And you can set up as many of these little ‘list-building engines‘ as you like, depending on how serious you are about being successful in your affiliate marketing online!

The second video teaches you how to build opt-in lists using eBay – the Internet’s original e-commerce phenomenon. It used to be that list-building, or any affiliate marketing for that matter, was easy on eBay – upload digital itmes that included your affiliate links and watch your affiliate marketing commissions roll in! But that all changed when eBay changed the rules, prohibiting the posting of digital downloads in their auctions and buy-now set-price sections. Suddenly list-building on eBay was history, eliminating the most powerful list-building technique then used by a great number of affiliates and other work-at-home Internet marketers.

Well, Socrates researched the situation – and using the same ingenuity that led him from a tiny village in Cypress to his current home on the ocean in California, he found the solution! Once again using eBay to build opt-in lists is not only possible, but extremely powerful! In the example Socrates shows you in this video, a tiny $10 investment got him over 400 opt-in leads – and made him a profit of over $300! And once you experiment and get the hang of it, there’s no reason not to be running a few of these concurrently using his eBay list-building secrets!

So take time RIGHT NOW to watch these two free videos – the list-building secrets revealed in them can add 5 or 6 figures to your income this year – IF you pay attention, make note of the systems used, and then put them into action. List building secrets are no different than any other great teachings – they’re useless to you until you internalize them, embrace them and then utilize them!

That’s it for today, kiddies – two of the most powerful free video tips on list-building for affiliates you’ll find anywhere online. Oh, a word to affiliate marketing pros – at the end of the eBay video Socrates talks about a new site launching next week. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!!! I’m already beta-testing his new site, and it’s going to be huge – you’ll want to promote it as an affiliate and use the resources in it to make even more money with less effort, so be sure to watch til the end of the list-building on eBay video too!

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