Anyone who’s been in affiliate marketing knows who Jimmy D. Brown is – an amazing marketer who, in spite of his laid-back style, was one of the first super-affiliates to make 6 figures a year – and more! And he single-handedly created the entire e-book system we all use, so this is a true pioneer we’re talking about here…

Well, after being an affiliate marketing expert for over 10 years, Jimmy has brought out a new e-book just this morning, called Affiliate Pay Raise. In it, Jimmy discusses exactly how to give yourself a raise in your affiliate marketing – in fact he shows you 27 proven ways to increase your affiliate marketing commissions right now, so you see more money in your very next cheque!

Here’s how Jimmy describes it:

* * * * * * * * * *

This 40-page manual is jam-packed with meaty affiliate marketing ideas, including…
– 27 guaranteed ways to increase your affiliate commission checks regardless of what program you are promoting.
– How to score big with affiliate marketing even if there are thousands of other people promoting the exact same product you are promoting.
– Simple things you can do to boost your affiliate commission income by merely making a request.
– How to get bigger commissions by making tiny strategic decisions that are almost too simple to mention but are amazingly overlooked.
– A special “kind” of ezine article that always leads to extra orders through your affiliate link.
– The one thing you’re prospects are always looking for and how to use it in order to easily persuade them to order the product you’re promoting.
– How to promote multiple offers at the exact same time to get extra sales without extra effort.
– 5 quick tips for separating yourself from the same old “cookie cutter” affiliate marketing that others are using … and how it leads to additional orders.
– The “big commissions” formula complete with examples and an actual email template you can swipe and use to put this formula into practice immediately.
– The real reason why so many affiliates have small checks and what you can do in order to sidestep this barrier all the way to the bank.
– The “30 day free training program” strategy that virtually guarantees extra orders through your affiliate link in MULTIPLE programs.
– How to promote your favorite affiliate program using a simple ebay™ strategy.
– The “work together” method that you and other affiliates can use to see a spike in ALL of your commission checks.
– The affiliate marketing “shift in thinking” that will allow you to do everything in this report without doing anything at all.

* * * * * * * * * *

This really is a no-brainer – it’s simple enough for newbies, yet complete enough to help seasoned veterans of the affiliate marketing arena. And he’s letting it go cheap enough there’s no excse not to read through it and see what tactics you’ve been missing, and just where you can increase your affiliate marketing profits right away.

Pick up your copy of Jimmy D. Brown’s Affiliate Pay Raise right now – after all, you DO deserve to make more from your affiliate marketing, don’t you?

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