Have you been to http://www.optin-maximizer.com yet? 19-Year-old Internet marketing whiz kid James Penn has been marketing online since he was 14, and his 5 years online have taught him a lot about building opt-in lists – profitable lists!

And now James has put that information into a simple report that teaches a variety of ways to build your list faster, and has included a 5-Day action plan as a bonus to help you get started with it all. I’ve just finished reading the report, and have to say I’m impressed.

It’s not a big fancy report full of a lot of industry jargon and posturing – it’s a simple and effective plan that anyone can follow. And really, isn’t that the best type of resource to learn from quickly? If you’ve already built a list of 20 or 30 thousand opt-ins this guide probably won’t help you a lot – though it might, depending on which methods you’ve been using so far…

But if your list is 10,000 or less, you should definitely check out the report and 5-day action plan – it’ll help you build your lists that much faster. This isn’t some big $97 e-book with a $47/month back-end continuity system – and it doesn’t try to be. But at just $10 for the report and action plan, it really is underpriced – after all, it sure doesn’t take many new subscribers to justify spending the $10 to get them, does it?

But don’t buy it based just on price – take a read through the page and see if James Penn’s Accelerated List Building is right for you and your particular business – and if it will help you build your lists faster.

And keep your eye on this kid from the U.K. – looks like he’s going to make quite the name for himself in our industry as time goes on!

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