I ran a series on The Power Of Free In Affiliate Marketing here on the blog back in September – if you read it, you’ll remember I said the game had changed suddenly, and that Free was going to be the new buzzword for successful affiliate marketing. And boy, has it ever!

Take, for instance, UK marketing golden boy Lee McIntyre – the teacher who retired young and built an online business into the 6-figures a MONTH range. He’s currently letting his VIP affiliates give away the videos of his ‘Inside Out / Upside Down’ Internet marketing training bootcamp just to make more people aware of his various coaching programs and products.

Now this may not seem like a big deal, til you realize the marketing bootcamp was just held in August, so the info is extremely current – and that those attending live paid $997 a seat to hear this same training! Just pay for the DVD to be shipped to you and you get the full bootcamp on video, without flying to the UK, paying for the hotel & meals or paying the $997 to get in! Think I’m kidding? Get your marketing bootcamp DVD right now from Lee and see for yourself!

Or take another example – Mark Hendricks’ Internet Super Stars Conference being held in Orlando Florida in January 2010. This is one powerhouse event – so much so that even your ol’ Captain hisself is going to be speaking on Power Start 2010, then running a hands-on workshop to get Internet marketers and affiliate marketers up to speed FAST in January. (Hope I’ll get to meet you there and help YOU more directly!)

Anyway, as part of the lead-up to the event, Mark is holding a series of webinars with the speakers to show how much value there is to the event and demonstrate that each is a true expert in our respective fields. Each of these webinars could be a standalone $97 product, yet Mark has created a Free Membership level and is allowing full access to the recordings plus live access to the remaining webinars as they happen. And there’s absolutely no obligation to attend the event – the free members get access to these pre-event recordings whether they’re attending the event or not.

Naturally I hope you’ll come to the event and meet me, tell me about your online activities to date and let me offer you some free advice on how to quickly kick it up a notch – but even if you can’t make the event, at least get the free recordings to listen to!

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