Successful Affiliate Marketing Is Not Free!

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While it is true that it doesn’t have to cost anything to be an affiliate marketer, most successful marketers understand that in order to become successful, they must be willing to purchase the tools that are needed for that success. Don’t be alarmed! Affiliate marketing is the least expensive business you can possibly get into.

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There are certain tools that will allow success to come to you a bit easier. The first tool is a domain name. For each niche in which you will market products and services, you need a domain name that relates to that niche. If you are selling cat products, you need a domain name that suits a site about cats. If you are also selling skin care products, you need a domain name that suits skin care information.

You will also need website hosting for each domain name. You can choose to purchase a server that will allow multiple domain names to reside on the same server, which is your cheapest option if you will have a large number of domain names. You can also get webhosting for each individual domain, which may be the least expensive option for fewer domains.

The next most important tool that an affiliate marketer needs is an autoresponder. You need this tool to manage the email list or lists that you will build. It is best to have an autoresponder that will allow you to have multiple lists. There are free autoresponder services available, but you will find that they are not usually worth the price (free), and paying for an autoresponder service is your best bet.

All tolled, your overhead each month should not run over $100, and it should be even less. Domain names are paid for either yearly or every two years. Hosting can be paid for on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, as can autoresponders. Choose the payment option that saves you the most money, which is usually a yearly payment.

The service that Captain Affiliate uses most, for example, gives you webhosting for up to a dozen sites, unlimited pro autoresponders and even your own affiliate program manager so others can sell your products as affiliates too, all for about $20 a month. Chek out their site if you’re looking for the best hosting for affiliate marketing!

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