I’ve just uploaded a new series of affiliate marketing training videos for you, called the ClickBank Paycheck Secrets videos.

I didn’t create these videos, and I apologize – the system they show is the most effective niche affiliate marketing system in terms of what’s working and what isn’t right now – and I knew it. In fact, I’ve been setting up something similar in the health niche lately. But as a result, I haven’t taken the time to create any new training resources for you lately – nor even to be blogging much about affiliate marketing…

Sustainable Affiliate Marketing Commissions - The ClickBank Paycheck Secrets Videos!

And that’s why I was so glad to find these Clickbank Paycheck Secrets videos. They’ll provide you with the training I should have prepared for you (and ease my conscience a bit! ;-))

Why Watch the Clickbank Paycheck Secrets Videos?

Unlike most affiliate marketing resources out there right now, these videos don’t just teach how to pick a product from ClickBank and make a few bucks promoting it. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with making money affiliate marketing, of course, but that’s not how you build a business. And far too many people are focused just on making money and not on building a sustainable income with affiliate marketing.

These videos show you how to find hot niches, how to choose the best products to promote to those niches, how to use the latest technolgies to easily raise your profile in these niches and then how to drive the targeted traffic you need to your affiliate links.

Most importantly, they show you how to set these systems up quickly, even one a day, and then move on to the next one while that one goes on making you residual commissions. Even if you only built two of these a week, you’d have ONE HUNDRED potential affiliate commission generators online a year from now…

How does that compare with what you have online now? What have you done in the last year or even two years that equals this in building your affiliate marketing business or any other way of making money online? Right now, this is what’s working in online business, and the best and most secure way to build a home-based business in the current economic climate since you’re relying on a great number of resources, not putting all your eggs in one basket.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, receive any of our newsletters, know Teri & me from social media sites or have met us in person at any of the conventions and conferences I’ve spoken at, then you already know we have over 2 dozen blogs and over 100 sites. As an Internet marketing mentor & speaker and recognized super-affiliate, would I have that many sites and blogs if one or two would suffice? Yes I love marketing, but I don’t put in any extra effort for no reason – there’s way too much I can be doing to keep building our online businesses to waste time with superfluous sites!

I talk the talk and it’s easy to see I walk the walk – ever tried searching for Doug Champigny at Google? LOL That’s the kind of branding that helps you keep on building your biz to new heights, even after our 15 years of being online full-time. YOU can be doing the same, and now the ClickBank Paycheck Secrets Videos will give you the step-by-step process to get you on the right path towards successful affiliate marketing and becoming a super-affiliate!

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Clickbank Pirate launched 18 hours ago, and their servers bogged down all day under the weight of so many smart affiliate marketers charging to the site to join – it even broke down a couple of times, but was brought back up by their great staff in short order…

Being a super-affiliate, it should come as no surprise to you that I spoke to the site’s owners, Cindy Battye and Soren Jordansen, a few weeks before launch to get the inside information, and with what I saw I began promoting it as soon as they’d let me, at the start of the pre-launch. In my personal and probably biased opinion, it’s that good an affiliate marketing resource, and since it all revolves around Clickbank products I knew affiliates would love it. It even uses Clickbank itself, so affiliates know there’s no worry over being paid on time – Clickbank has never missed a single affiliate commission payment in it’s 10 years online!

A lot of other big names jumped on board for the launch too, some doing a lot better than I did but most not as well, since they had other launches to promote while I focused on bringing you what I felt would do you the most good – Clickbank Pirate. And as a targeted traffic expert, I was well rewarded for my efforts, bringing in commissions well into 3 digits in the first 12 hours the site was open. And the beauty of it is that those commissions are already sitting in my Clickbank account!

And now that it IS open, I suggest you get your Clickbank Pirate membership right now, and go look at their affiliate program with an eye to choosing which affiliate resources YOU’RE going to use to promote the site. They have a lot of them there, and you’ll probably want to create more yourself if only to help differentiate yourself from other CB Pirate affiliates. Now don’t misunderstand, my results sure aren’t typical, and you may make more, less, or even not make anything at all. Only use my results to see the site CAN make money for affiliates – how much others make as Clickbank Pirate affiliates depends mostly on them, they’re experience, background, effort, focus, etc. etc. If you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for any length of time, you know results vary from person to person and even from promotion to promotion for one affiliate. Even I and my super-affiliate buddies have made a killing on some and completely flopped with others…

I’m assuming the following scenario based on my 12 years online full-time to this point: most of the big dogs will now move on to the next big joint venture, and most of the new Clickbank Pirate members will focus mostly on the great affiliate funnels they get each month, since everything but driving traffic is already done for them. If that’s the case, you should have a pretty good field for marketing the CB Pirate program itself. I know I intend to go on promoting it regularly instead of simply pocketing my launch commissions and moving on…

Why? Because I think it’s the best there is at what it does, and that my readers, mostly affiliate marketers, can do well with it. When I find the best resource in any area, it’s my self-imposed duty to get that information to as many people who will benefit from it as I can. I do the same with Hosting For Marketers because of their web hosting, autoresponder and affiliate program package, Jeff Dedrick’s Viral E-book Explosion becuase of their free brandable e-books, and Socrates Socratous’ Resell Rights Fortunes because it’s the most advanced and easiest to profit from resell rights membership site. In fact, even mentioning them here is part of the Captain’s affiliate marketing strategy, since all use my affiliate links – as they should.

All 4 get another star too, since the affiliate programs for them can all result in residual commissions, allowing a successful marketer to build his commissions from them over time – and the Clickbank Pirate affilates can do the same!

CB Pirate affiliates also have the benefit of being able to push their affiliate funnels they get each month too, of course, which can boost their earnings that much more if they get good enough at it.

And as always, if you’re going to seriously promote the site, be sure to set up your own funnel for it – a free download & squeeze page and then follow up with your message. You can see my funnel, and download my new Clickbank For Newbies here.

Go on over to the site now, and become one of the Clickbank Pirate affiliates and members – you’ll see the affiliate resources link as soon as you log into your members’ area. And if you have any questions about promoting the site, leave a comment below, ok? The Captain’s here for you… 🙂

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Is Captain Affiliate to become a ClickBank Pirate? And what will that mean for you and your affiliate marketing efforts if I DO become a CBPirate?

ClickBank is the biggest affiliate products directory online, allowing affiliates to choose from thousands of products to promote. It is above reproach to date, and since it collects the payments and then pays the affiliates and merchants separately, is the choice for affiliate products to promote for many, many affiliates – if not most.

Yet strangely enough, I’ve done very little with ClickBank products til now, selling just a few thousand dollars’ worth each year. Or perhaps not so strangely, since most of my affiliate marketing efforts go to promoting products and services released by people I know, products and services I’ve been given access to in advance so I can be sure they’re both high-quality and relevant to you, my loyal readers and affiliate marketing students.

But it was recently pointed out to me that not teaching you about ClickBank meant I wasn’t giving you a full affiliate marketing education, in spite of this blog, our Affiliate Marketing Revealed and Affiliate Marketing Special Report web sites and the @CaptnAffiliate Twitter persona.

Granted, no one else is giving you as much free affiliate marketing training – but that’s not enough… If I don’t do all I can to educate you in making money online, I’m not living up to my goals with all this – to help create a team of super-affiliates bringing down huge affiliate commissions.

As I was planning how to best teach you to use ClickBank successfully, some friends showed me a new site they’re about to launch to make promoting ClickBank products much easier for newbie affiliate marketers, and much less time-intensive for the pros. That was all I needed to realize the time was right to start showing you the ropes, and to include using their service in that education.

Thus was the decision to launch Simple ClickBank Profits – a new site I’ll put together designed just to teach you how to market ClickBank products as an affiliate – and I guess I’ll have to become a ClickBank Pirate along the way too… Don’t misunderstand, a CBPirate isn’t a negative connotation – it’s just the newest term for a super-affiliate who’s marketing products as an affiliate through ClickBank.

So head on over now to Simple ClickBank Profits and bookmark the site – I’ll start pouring content into it tomorrow to help you get up to speed quickly with affiliate marketing using ClickBank – see you there!

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