Got a tip from Marlon Sanders yesterday, went and checked it out and snapped up my copy right away – and I definitely suggest you do the same…

Putting products online can be difficult for newbies, and managing an affiliate program is beyond a lot of those who’ve already got products online. And even if you know how to run an affiliate program, it can still be tricky and tiresome tracking it all, looking after the affiliates at the end of each month, etc.

But now, there’s a truly simple affiliate program that even a newbie can use, because it’s all done by a blog plugin! And it’s an instant commish program like RAP but much, much easier to set up and use. Use it to put your products online, to get affiliates (1-button click to get their link), manage OTO’s – it even tracks all the info for you and displays it in your blog dashboard.

Set it to 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% – the affiliates get their commission right away, so there’s no need for you to deal with any of that… Now you can have an affiliate program right from your first, or next, product. And Bryan is even giving you 3 Master Resell Rights products to use with it so you can get started right away.

Watch the video and you’ll see how easy it is to set products up and get them online.

Super-Affiliate Tip: Set this up on a new blog on a new domain, and load up a few $7 products at 100% commissions, then get as many affiliates to promote it as you can – even use it in ad swaps, etc, giving your swap partner 100% commissions anyway – when they see the money rolling into their PayPal account, you’ll see many of them start promoting your offers too.

And while you don’t make any money on those orders, you also have no additional work – they get paid directly, so there’s no accounting and affiliate payments involved from your end. What you ARE doing is getting them, in exchange for them getting 100% of the profits, to bild you a new list of known buyers, a list you can use in your ongoing affiliate marketing. This could potentially become your lowest-cost, highest-quality source of affiliate leads!

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New Video – Affiliate Marketing Super-Blogging

Affiliate marketing can be done in any niche market, and super-affiliates tackle a number of new niches to check them for profitability. Here’s a new video to show you one of the tricks to affiliate marketing super-blogging…

That shows you how you can take your affiliate marketing activities into a new niche in just one evening, yet automate your new niche blogs to run on autopilot for months to come…

Whether you’re using your own articles, articles from the article directories or PLR articles, you can see how getting more and more posts up with your affiliate marketing links on every page can skyrocket your affiliate commissions if it’s a profitable niche. Since your blog will ping the directories every time a new post goes live, you’ll know before long if the niche is hyper-responsive…

If it turns out to be a profitable niche, take your affiliate marketing efforts up a few notches, using all of your affiliate tools to make as much money from it as you can. If the niche isn’t very responsive, you’ve only invested that one night’s effort, so it’s not a big setback.

As to the tools I used in the video, the Adsense Alive blog theme and the Stealth plugin for masking your affiliate links are both part of the Adsense Alive PRO Pack. The most important part, though, and the part you’d need to automate any existing affiliate marketing blogs you already have is the Article Post plugin…

You can go right to the Article Post plugin order page, or if you want more information on how the plugin can be used in your affiliate marketing and Internet marketing mix, I’ve added more detail (and another video demonstration) on the Fastest Way To Blog page.

If you try to tackle new affiliate marketing niches without automating your efforts you’re going to be risking a lot more time and money – use my Affiliate Marketing Super-Blogging system to minimze the risks and let you test a LOT more niches quickly and easily. It’s the best way I know to find new sources of affiliate marketing commissions!

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