The Most Important Skill For Successful Affiliate Marketing

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We’ve been discussing the need for affiliates to build their opt-in lists, and talked about the fact that failing to do so is the main mistake made by affiliates. But to be successful as an affiliate, both for making money online and for building your opt-in list, one very important skill must be mastered – the most important skill for successful affiliate marketing.

In fact, this one skill is the main ingredient in the success of all online businesses, and the most important tool in your affiliate marketing skills toolbox: the ability to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to your links! Whether you’re sending that targeted traffic to a free report on a butterfly-marketing type of site, a free download to entice them to join your list, to your blog in whatever niches you operate in or directly to your affiliate links, the number of targeted visitors you can mobilize quickly is going to be directly reflected in your affiliate commissions.

The good news is that many of the most powerful tools and techniques used by traffic masters are free, or require a very low investment – one that can often be made back on the first couple of affiliate promotions you do after including the new tool into your marketing mix, leaving you with pro tools with no net cost in short order.

The bad news (for some) is that it takes work – true effort – both to learn these various promotional techniques and to apply the tactics to any given affiliate opportunity. If you thought affiliate marketing was a way to make a lot of money online with little or no effort, you’re sadly mistaken and have probably been reading the salespages of online scammers, not professional super-affiliates. None of us got to where we are today without a lot of effort, even those who are able to outsource a fair bit of what they do – just learning what’s needed and how it must be done is necessary before you know what to outsource!

Now this doesn’t mean you’ll have to use every one of the traffic generation strategies in every affiliate marketing promotion you get involved in – far from it. Some techniques are short-term, bringing in targeted traffic almost immediately but then tapering off or stopping altogether, while others take time to build momentum, but can keep supplying visitors for weeks, months or even years. Tweets on Twitter are a good example of the former, while article marketing and video marketing are better examples of the latter.

So it stands to reason that if you’re promoting a 3-day sale, or even a week-long event, you’ll want to rely on your short-term, immediate-response tools. If you’re promoting a product or service that will be ongoing, especially one that pays residual commissions, you’ll want to use them all. Start with the techniques that bring instant traffic, then shift your focus to the mid- and long-term sources to ensure you continue to make money from your efforts for that opportunity. The higher your recurring commissions the less time you need to focus on making quick bucks, and the greater amount of your affiliate marketing activities that can be focused around list-building, pre-selling and getting involved in pre-launch joint-venture opportunities.

Start right now, today, and set the goal for yourself of learning as many different ways to drive targeted traffic as you can using both free and paid traffic sources. As your knowledge grows so should your ability to mobilize targeted visitors almost on demand, and that’s one of the biggest keys to achieving the super-affiliate status and big affiliate paydays you’re dreaming about now!

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Doug Champigny is a well-known marketing coach, speaker, super-affiliate and targeted traffic expert, and the author of the Captain Affiliate Affiliate Marketing Training Blog. For more advice from Doug on driving targeted traffic, visit the Top Traffic Tips website.

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“No Experience Necessary?” If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing game for at least five minutes, you already know that experience is necessary if you hope to be successful in affiliate marketing. You may not need experience to sign up for an affiliate marketing program, but you definitely need a degree of skills and/or knowledge to sell the product as an affilaiate!

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The good news is that there is not a long learning period to learn how to do affiliate marketing successfully. If you pay attention to what others are perfectly willing to teach you, learning affiliate marketing is essentially a series of ‘hands on’ exercises that lead to success.

There are many, many courses available about Affiliate Marketing. Before you purchase a course, you should ask questions and get recommendations from other people that you trust concerning the course or courses in question. Some of the affiliate marketing courses that are available are outstanding, while others are pure junk.

It is also important that you purchase more recent courses, as opposed to those that were published in the past. The Internet changes fast, and the way affiliate marketing is done on the Internet changes just as quickly.

Some of what worked in the past will always work, such as article marketing, but other affiliate marketing techniques are out-of-date and no longer effective, like free classified advertising and free for all links advertising.

Essential things you need to know to be successful at affiliate marketing include: how to write ads, how to advertise in ezines, how to write articles or have them written for you, how to choose great affiliate programs, and possibly how to do teleseminars and make joint venture deals.

Also, do not assume that once you finish an affiliate marketing course you will not need to take another one in the future. As marketing changes, you will need to learn new skills. Stay up to date on the most current technology, as well as the most current affiliate marketing techniques. Schedule learning time weekly and keep practicing your craft – experience online is the best way to develop your affiliate marketing skills!

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