Why Advanced Affiliate Marketing Pros Love Cookies

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It can be said without fear of contradiction that advanced affiliate marketing pros love cookies – and we’re not speaking here of chocolate chip cookies, although those are almost as universally loved. No, these cookies are small files affiliate marketing software places on the computers of each prospect who clicks through to a marketer’s web site using an affiliate’s link.

The purpose of these affiliate marketing cookies is to track which affiliate referred each prospect so that the correct affiliate can be credited when any sale is made. That’s how merchants know how much affiliate marketing commission to pay each active affiliate each month.

But just as in the bakery world, in affiliate marketing not all cookies are created equally – or at least their effect can and does vary widely. For example, most of the big affiliate directories use tracking cookies that only track for that one product. If you, as the affiliate, refer a person to the salespage and that prospect buys the product, you get your commission. But from that point on the marketer now directly contacts the buyer and you’re out of the loop on any further purchases that buyer makes.

Some of the more advanced private affiliate systems, however, place affiliate marketing cookies that stay valid for weeks, months or years and apply to all of that merchant’s products. As such, once an advanced affiliate marketing pro has referred an affiliate marketing lead to the site, any and all future sales are also credited to that affiliate’s account, leaving room for them to make money online on products they’ve never promoted or aren’t even aware of yet.

Smart advanced affiliate marketing pros watch for these programs and promote the sites using them more often – after all, why run a heavy affiliate marketing promotion to make commissions on one product when you can make that initial sale and then have the merchant refer other sales through those same affiliate marketing leads for you? As long as those affiliate cookies make advanced affiliate marketing pros more money with no extra effort, you know they’ll keep on loving those affiliate cookies!


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