Beat Other Affiliate Jump Members With Advanced CPA Pages Tactic!

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OK – If you’re a regular reader of this blog, my Internet Training Blog or our e-zines, chances are you’ve already joined the Affiliate Jump CPA Network. By now you should have watched Friday’s video on Creating Affiliate Jump CPA pages, so you know they can be set up in mere seconds, right?

Today I’m going to show you a big-dog trick to beat the other Affiliate Jump memebers, and most other affiliates making money online with CPA ads, by making your CPA pages more attractive to the search engines – and we all know how just a bit of SEO can raise your standings in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and what a difference that can make to your targeted traffic flow from the engines!

Affiliate Jump CPA Pages: The SEO Problems

On pretty much any web page that’s auto-generated and hosted for you on the new wave of Web 2.0 affiliate marketing membership services (Affiliate Jump, ClickBank Pirate, etc.), the page is ready for you to promote in seconds – but you don’t have access to the html coding for the page to do your SEO on.

Since you can’t build custom meta tags, add in custom Alt text on photos, use title tags in text links, or even do much with the anchor text on links, the SEO value of the page is the same as anyone else’s – and even lower if you’re not one of the first 5 or 10 copies of that page the search engines find. This is the case for the sample page I showed you in that first video, the Work From Home Opportunities page I built in seconds while making that video.

Now, don’t misunderstand, I still highly recommend the system, and not just because it’s already making me money. These days search engine traffic is taking it’s rightfull place in professional affiliate marketing results: just one more piece of the solution. For all but true newbies, it’s no longer the ‘Holy Grail’ of targeted traffic, however. Why just in the Total Traffic Tips webinar I did with Willie Crawford we discussed 15 different ways to drive targeted traffic using Web 2.0 sites.

So giving up the SEO benefits in exchange for Affiliate Jump’s instant CPA approvals, auto-generated ads, auto-generated CPA offer pages et al is still a great trade-off. Even if you could get accepted into tradional CPA networks, had the copywriting and design skills to put together pages they’d approve of and all the rest, this system does in minutes what it took days or weeks to accomplish on your own – just waiting for approval to start usually took days!

Affiliate Jump CPA Pages: The SEO Solutions

But now what if there was still a way to affect the SEO of your pages – minor tweaks in the areas you DO have access to? After all, it wouldn’t take much to step ahead of the pack if all the rest are the same, right? Well I have a treat for you today – a big-dog method of differentiating your pages, customizing CPA pages for better rankings in the SERPs…

Video: Advanced Customization of Affiliate Jump CPA Pages:

Pretty amazing, eh? How simple it is to add all that search engine spider bait to the page, work in a bit of pre-sell for the visitors to the page, make the offer a natural followup to a content page – and still all done in less than 5 minutes!

Here’s the new Work-at-Home Opportunities Page I created in this video – see the difference? Not tough to see why that bit of effort can have powerful SEO benefits, is it? And that bit of pre-sell leads the prospect to the ads after giving them some solid information first. If you’ve been affiliate marketing for long, you know that effective pre-sell multiplies conversion rates – and this should be no exception.

If you’re already an Affiliate Jump member, take a look in your account and decide what you want to use as your CPA offers, then before you begin, choose or write the copy you want to put above the CPA ads. DON’T make it a pitch – make it good, solid, highly-targeted & helpful information relevant to the prospects’ needs if they’re pursuing information about the CPA ads’ field of coverage. And make sure it’s unique, not unaltered PLR you got somewhere. We’re talking potential long-term SEO benefits here, so put the time in to do it right!

And if you’re not already an Affiliate Jump member, now you’re ready to join armed with knowledge to make the membership that much more advantageous to your affiliate marketing efforts. Don’t let Lady Opportunity dance merrily past you – get your Affiliate Jump membership right now and start applying your newfound big-dog tricks today!

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Build CPA Pages Quickly With Affiliate Jump

©Doug Champigny. All rights reserved.

The online marketing community is flocking to the new Affiliate Jump membership site, and with good reason! Mike Filsaime has built a great new resource that opens up Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing to the masses – until now, only those with deep pockets for professional site design had easy access to these highly-profitable income streams.

But easy access to a CPA network’s offers isn’t the only advantage offered by the new site – equally powerful, and maybe even moreso – is the ability to set up websites with targeted offers in under one minute each – yes, I said UNDER ONE MINUTE EACH!

Because I know how hard that is to believe, I’ve put together this video that shows you exactly how easy it is to build CPA sites in Affiliate Jump…

Video: Building CPA Sites in Affiliate Jump

How To Build CPA Websites In Affiliate Jump:

Affiliate Jump lets you build custom CPA pages in seconds – and
custom pages help to distinguish YOUR Affiliate Jump pages from
other members’ CPA pages. Watch how easy Affiliate Jump is!

And that really is all there is to building custom sites with your CPA marketing opportunities already on the page – and as you saw, that page is already live since Affiliate Jump does your hosting for you.

Now you’re bright enough to know right off that this isn’t the panacea amateurs are always looking for, not some big red ‘Easy Success’ button just waiting for them to push it – but it is another important step toward setting up your additional online income streams, this time through marketing CPA opportunities. But it’s still up to you to drive targeted traffic to the pages you’re about to create there – just as you’d have to if you were building a new site yourself from scratch.

The real advantage here, outside of Affiliate Jump getting you access to CPA offers you might not get into otherwise, is that the technical aspects to getting the offer built and hosted online is already taken care of for you. This leaves you to focus on the marketing of the pages – the part of this biz we all love best!

Get your Affiliate Jump account right now and get started right away – you’ll never make a cent online without taking positive, targeted action. And if you need training in how to drive targeted traffic to your new, or any, sites, be sure to pick up our multimedia Top Traffic Tips training bundle too!

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