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Advanced Affiliate Marketing – Creating Residual Streams of Affiliate Commissions

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The holy grail of affiliate marketing is residual commissions – making money month after month or year after year from one initial sales effort. Most notable amongst affiliate offers paying residual commissions are website hosting plans, autoresponder services and membership sites, many of which charge a monthly fee and pay affiliate commissions for the lifetime of the account. Nothing is nicer than going into a month knowing you already have hundreds or thousands of dollars coming in that month before you’ve started doing any promotions. Retention rates vary widely amongst such sites, from a few months in a membership site to the years many people stay with their hosting company or autoresponder company, assuming the service is good of course.

But recurring billing is not the only way to earn residual streams of affiliate commissions, however. You can build ‘set-and-forget’ systems to bring in commissions from one-off sales too, again often lasting into many months or years after your efforts to promote them. The trick here is to set up ongoing traffic systems that will continue to generate affiliate marketing leads and direct them to the salespages.

To do that, first set up your affiliate marketing funnel with an opt-in to an autoresponder e-course that promotes the product in question. Next you have to decide which traffic sources will bring in the long-term targeted traffic needed to create an ongoing stream of affiliate marketing leads.

Sites like Twitter and FaceBook are extremely busy, but they’re also based on a steady stream of posts, which means your message scrolls off the main pages in minutes or hours. But blog posts, podcasts, videos, articles, etc. stay online and available for the long term, as do Squidoo lenses, Google knols, Hub pages and the like. These are the sources of the long-term targeted traffic needed to build opt-in lists with a steady stream of affiliate marketing leads. And that steady stream receiving your promotional e-course is the foundation of your recurring stream of affiliate commissions.

To make it easier for you to get started, pick up these 5 list-building reports with PLR – each comes with a professionally-designed squeeze page, confirm page and download page, so most of the work is already done for you. If you don’t yet have a professional autoresponder service or a place to host your new pages, I heartily recommend, whom I’ve been using for years now.

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Have you been to yet? 19-Year-old Internet marketing whiz kid James Penn has been marketing online since he was 14, and his 5 years online have taught him a lot about building opt-in lists – profitable lists!

And now James has put that information into a simple report that teaches a variety of ways to build your list faster, and has included a 5-Day action plan as a bonus to help you get started with it all. I’ve just finished reading the report, and have to say I’m impressed.

It’s not a big fancy report full of a lot of industry jargon and posturing – it’s a simple and effective plan that anyone can follow. And really, isn’t that the best type of resource to learn from quickly? If you’ve already built a list of 20 or 30 thousand opt-ins this guide probably won’t help you a lot – though it might, depending on which methods you’ve been using so far…

But if your list is 10,000 or less, you should definitely check out the report and 5-day action plan – it’ll help you build your lists that much faster. This isn’t some big $97 e-book with a $47/month back-end continuity system – and it doesn’t try to be. But at just $10 for the report and action plan, it really is underpriced – after all, it sure doesn’t take many new subscribers to justify spending the $10 to get them, does it?

But don’t buy it based just on price – take a read through the page and see if James Penn’s Accelerated List Building is right for you and your particular business – and if it will help you build your lists faster.

And keep your eye on this kid from the U.K. – looks like he’s going to make quite the name for himself in our industry as time goes on!

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The Affiliate Marketing Formula That Works Best Right Now

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Affiliate marketing, and in fact the Internet itself, is evolving daily – leaving it in a state of constant flux. So just how is an affiliate, especially one new to affiliate marketing who may still be working at a full-time job as well, supposed to keep up with it all?

First, of course, you should be re-investing in your online business, watching for new training resources from Super Affiliates that you’ve come to trust as providing good solid up-to-date affiliate marketing training materials. And in between, you should be subscribed to their e-zines (e-mail newsletters), visiting their blogs regularly, and following them at sites like MyBlogLog, Technorati and Twitter – especially Twitter since it’s always real-time.

How drastically does the affiliate marketing game change? Just a few years ago it was all safelists, free-for-all pages and traffic exchanges – now Web 2.0 techniques, like blogging and social networking are leaving the earlier strategies in the dust.

Let’s look at the components of recent successful strategies that have made affiliates the most in commissions and prizes and continue to be ultra-effective right now, shall we?

First, almost without exception Super-Affiliates have their own opt-in lists they e-mail offers to; lists tightly targeted to whatever niche they’re operating in. If, for example, they operate in the Internet marketing, travel and Forex niches, they’ll have separate lists targeted to each of those three niches.

And that’s a win-win for the super-affiliate – their lists drive traffic to each new affiliate promotion they attack, and each new promotion is used as another opportunity to build those lists even further. They’ll offer a free download or a free video as an incentive to get targeted people to join their list – that download or video is packed with value, but still functions mostly as a pre-sell vehicle for their current promotion.

So they’ve now gotten the new targeted prospects onto their list, and warmed them up to the subject, service, niche or person they’re currently promoting. A few e-mails later those new prospects will most likely follow an affiliate link to the site being promoted, thus raising sales even higher. The super-affiliate has added more targeted prospects to their opt-in lists by providing great free content upfront, and made more money on the promotion because of it.

On the biggest launches, especially launches for high-ticket items, competition among affiliates is much more excited – and while the tactic above is still employed very successfully, something more is needed to get onto the leaderboard and end up at or near the top of the heap. Once again the answer is providing additional value-added content of good use to your prospective buyers.

If you’re on the mailing list of many top Internet marketers, you’ve recently been deluged with e-mails every time a big new high-ticket launch is announced, especially if there’s a contest for the affiliates. Notice how many of them offer bigger and bigger bonuses if you buy the item through their link? They wouldn’t keep doing that if it didn’t work, but it does – big time!

Why is it so successful when it’s so transparent a ploy? Because the customer doesn’t care WHY the bonus is being offered, they just care that they’re getting the product they want to buy and a lot more helpful resources to go with it for no extra cost. This makes the purchase more valuable to them because it provides them with more of what they want and need – they could care less about your affiliate marketing commissions.

So when we boil it all down to basics, what’s working best in affiliate marketing right now is delivering value added reasons to buy through your link while using that extra content to build your targeted lists for future promotions. Since the business never stands still, not too far down the road that will be replaced by the next system, but for now this is where you want to focus your affiliate marketing efforts!

That’s why I love the new MRR and PLR membership site from Socrates Socratous that launched this week at – the first membership site that’s searchable by both keywords AND the products rights at the same time. For the first tactic above, a keyword-targeted search just for resources you can give away gives you the free report or videos to offer as an incentive for prospects to sign up – and by using one that’s based around the same keywords as the products you promote, you ensure that signups are from your target market audience.

Similarly, now you can do a search for keyword-targeted resources that both can be bundled together and can be used as a bonus for paid products, and compile your big bonuses to give away to those buying through your affiliate links, providing you with the necessary bonus package to offer for that big launch.

At this point in time, Resell Rights Fortunes is one of the most powerful resources for anyone even THINKING of getting into affiliate marketing, and a must-have tool for the arsenal of anyone targeting super-affiliate status. And if you’re already making money as an affiliate, take the OTO at the site and take the lifetime membership – you’ll have access to the site for as long as it’s online without ever paying another cent, a very valuable bonus should cashflow get a bit tight at any point down the road.

Oh yeah – and they have a killer affiliate program themselves, so take the lifetime membership or the monthly plan, and use the affiliate commissions to repay yourself for the outlay! All I ask is that you buy Teri & I a drink the next time you see us at a live seminar or convention for pointing out so valuable a resource and showing you how to use it! 😉

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Yesterday we discussed the need for affiliates to be building opt-in lists for affiliate marketing success. As the next installment in the Captain Affiliate’s List-Building for Affiliates series, today I want to show you two powerful free list-building videos from my friend Socrates Socratous.

What makes these two free list-building videos so powerful? First, the list-building technique in the first video doesn’t cost a cent to implement, while the second has a minor cost but goes on to show how to make up to a 3,000% profit on that tiny investment – all on autopilot! And secondly, these are totally new methods of building opt-in lists for most affiliate marketers – in fact very very few online marketers of any stripe have seen these list-building secrets!

The first video shows how to harness the power of major software sites to build affiliate marketing lists quickly – not only does Socrates show you how to tap into this major targeted traffic stream for free, he’s even giving you free software to use to build your list there!

This is a truly set-and-forget list-building system… You spend an hour or two setting it up, then it runs on autopilot for months, even years, bringing in thousands of targeted prospects to subscribe to your lists – over 3,000 subscribers so far from the one in the video alone. And you can set up as many of these little ‘list-building engines‘ as you like, depending on how serious you are about being successful in your affiliate marketing online!

The second video teaches you how to build opt-in lists using eBay – the Internet’s original e-commerce phenomenon. It used to be that list-building, or any affiliate marketing for that matter, was easy on eBay – upload digital itmes that included your affiliate links and watch your affiliate marketing commissions roll in! But that all changed when eBay changed the rules, prohibiting the posting of digital downloads in their auctions and buy-now set-price sections. Suddenly list-building on eBay was history, eliminating the most powerful list-building technique then used by a great number of affiliates and other work-at-home Internet marketers.

Well, Socrates researched the situation – and using the same ingenuity that led him from a tiny village in Cypress to his current home on the ocean in California, he found the solution! Once again using eBay to build opt-in lists is not only possible, but extremely powerful! In the example Socrates shows you in this video, a tiny $10 investment got him over 400 opt-in leads – and made him a profit of over $300! And once you experiment and get the hang of it, there’s no reason not to be running a few of these concurrently using his eBay list-building secrets!

So take time RIGHT NOW to watch these two free videos – the list-building secrets revealed in them can add 5 or 6 figures to your income this year – IF you pay attention, make note of the systems used, and then put them into action. List building secrets are no different than any other great teachings – they’re useless to you until you internalize them, embrace them and then utilize them!

That’s it for today, kiddies – two of the most powerful free video tips on list-building for affiliates you’ll find anywhere online. Oh, a word to affiliate marketing pros – at the end of the eBay video Socrates talks about a new site launching next week. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!!! I’m already beta-testing his new site, and it’s going to be huge – you’ll want to promote it as an affiliate and use the resources in it to make even more money with less effort, so be sure to watch til the end of the list-building on eBay video too!

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Every super-affiliate has a powerful opt-in list they can send their affiliate marketing promotions to. And every other affiliate wants to achieve that same level of affiliate marketing success. So it’s obvious that effective affiliate marketing has to include several successful list-building campaigns, preferably running simultaneously to ring forward the income horizon from your lists.

But full-time affiliate marketers are relatively rare – even most super-affiliates have their own products to market too, or are running membership sites or affiliate coaching and mentoring programs. Some of us are involved in all aspects of the above. And since affiliate marketing is the easiest and least expensive way of starting a business online, the bulk of all affiliate marketers are newbies – some of whom still aren’t even aware that building your targeted opt-in list is one of the cornerstones in the foundation of every successful affiliate marketing business. In an earlier post I refered to affiliates not building a list as The Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistake Of All, and from the comments left by the affiliates who read the post you’ll see every one of the agrees.

There are a number of ways to build your opt-in list as an affiliate, and you should be using as many of them as your wallet and time availability will allow you to. That doesn’t mean go deep in debt to build your list – there’s no need to. Start with the free resources proven to build lists, then use the money as it comes in to try some of the more expensive methods – but keep your free list-building activities going on throughout, since there’s never a good reason to turn down free targeted traffic or free targeted opt-ins – even at the top of the affiliate marketing game, we still love them all! 🙂

Over the next few days the Captain is going to bring you a number of ways to build your affiliate lists, so be sure to bookmark this blog and return regularly, or better yet subscribe to the Captain Affiliate RSS feed if you have a feed reader you use. Some will be free methods, some will have a price attached – but all are tested and true methods of building your opt-in lists. Use as many of them as you can, and stay with them – you’ll see your lists growing daily and along with them, your affiliate marketing commissions.

For today, the Captain wants to point you to two necessary pieces of software – neither is free, but both are very reliable and powerful. First up is your professional autoresponders – the software that keeps track of the people on your list, and sends them your e-zine or e-course each time. Obviously you can’t send out 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 e-mails in a day manually, so professional autoresponders are a must.

Your choice of autoresponders is critical – avoid the free services like the plague! Either they tack other people’s ads on top of your mailings, like the big places do with their free accounts, or they are small-fry who will eventually go broke and your list will disappear right along with their system. I recommend, the service I use for over 80% of our daily mailing.

Why them? Because they’re the most reasonable of the pro services, and give the most bang for your buck. For about $20 a month you get hosting for up to a dozen small sites (You’ll see why you need this in future list-building posts), unlimited pro autoresponders, and even an affiliate program of your own should you decide to sell your own products later on. And your rate doesn’t rise as your list grows, like it does at the services that only give you the autoresponders.

The second piece of software you need is a way to capture subscribers when you send people to your affiliate links. This software is called the Power List Pro, and it lives up to it’s name… Not only does it give you a number of popups you can use on your own site, but you can use them on other people’s sites too, believe it or not.

Here, let me show you… Here’s a link to one of my friend Liz Tomey’s sites – don’t worry, it opens in a new window. See my opt-in form at the top-right of this blog? Now follow this link and wait a couple of seconds to see what happens – then close that window and c’mon back to read on. Here’s the link: Proof That It Works.

Pretty nifty, eh? So now you can be building your own list each time you promote an affiliate link – how sweet is that? So arm yourself with those two tools – your account and your copy of the Power List Pro software, and play around with both til you get the hang of them.

Tomorrow I’ll start showing you EXACTLY what strategies to use to build tightly-targeted, highly profitable affiliate marketing lists – see you then!

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