If you are new to affiliate marketing, you will need some level of training. There are many courses available on the Internet, and some just aren’t worth the money, while others are worth more than you will actually pay for them.

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Start your affiliate training by finding a good, up-to-date course, and work through that course, following the steps as you go along. Again, make sure the course is up-to-date so that you are not getting old information, and instead of just trying to memorize the information, take the steps or actions that are suggested in the course as you work through it.

Next, become active in the affiliate marketers community. There are at least three  affiliate forums that you should read and become active in. These are located at:




If you read these forums and participate, you will learn an astounding amount of information that generally cannot be found in any course. Don’t be shy. If you have a question, look to see if the answer is there, but if it isn’t, ask your question. Just be sure to read the forum rules before making any posts.

Look to see if marketing information or training is available from the owners of the products that you hope to promote. Many affiliate program managers or owners make marketing information and tutorials available to their affiliates, understanding that with this information, affiliates are more successful, which in turn makes the owner of the product more successful.

You must continue to learn. Marketing changes, affiliate programs change, and even markets and buyers change. Stay on top of all of it by scheduling in training time each week. In fact, in the beginning, make time for learning each day! Even when you become a successful affiliate marketer, always be on the lookout for new information that will help you maintain the success you have achieved, and possibly even surpass it!

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