Professional affiliate marketing requires the use of a great many different promotional methods, and a number of common techniques and tactics are in almost every affiliate marketer’s toolbox – blogs, e-zines, forums, etc. Yet one of the most powerful tools is used only by the most savvy affiliate marketing pros…

What most affiliates miss out on is using press releases – not because they don’t know the power of press releases, not because they don’t want to use them, but because they don’t know HOW to use press releases. Writing them in an acceptable format is tough enough, but once that’s done, how do you submit press releases? Where do you submit them, for that matter.

And the cost – wow, some placers charge a bloody fortune just to get them out there for you, while others are free or inexpensive but only get them out to a few low-traffic sites. Not worth the time and trouble to write one if no one is going to see it, right?

So here’s the simple solution for you – you want to be using a site called Complete Press Release. Why them? Because they will write a press release for you and submit it to the sites that matter, all without breaking the bank.

Of course, you can write your own release and get them to submit it for even less, but unless you’re an experienced writer, why bother taking the time and trouble to write it yourself when they’ll do it for so little… Once you see their rates, you’ll most likely never write another one yourself – it’s not worth your time to create it when they’ll do it for you that cheaply!

How can they keep the rate so low? Partly because of the volume they handle, partly because there’s no affiliate program, so they don’t need to pay out any commissions on your order. I know, it’s rare that the ol’ Captain will recommend anything that doesn’t have an affiliate program, but this tool is just too good to pass up, even if I’m not making an affiliate commissions for sending you to their site. In exchange for you being a regular reader of my blog, I owe it to you to bring you the best affiliate marketing training, tips and resources, so here’s my advice…

Whether you use them to promote your blog, your squeeze page or directly to one of your affiliate links (or all 3), get the power of press releases going for you right now. Not only does it give you exposure in media you’re not able to reach otherwise, but it gets you some powerful authority backlinks as well.

And yes, I use the site myself for press releases for my niche marketing – and now so can you… Head over to Complete Press Release now and see what they’re all about – I’ll see you there!

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