In these days of Web 2.0 affiliate marketing, there’s no doubting that a blog is the fastest way to boost targeted traffic to affiliate links in any given niche – which is a blessing considering WordPress blog software is free. Installing it through your cPanel is fairly painless, but as I personally experienced, the automatic blog installs are great targets for hackers – we had three of our blogs hit in 2008 alone.

So as I watched WordPress expert Alex Sysoef develop his Expert WordPress software, I was quite impressed that it used a secure setup that didn’t include the standard installation codes. But what really caught my eye was his decision to include all the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins to go with it.

Now blogs are already powerful affiliate marketing traffic tools – they allow you an easy platform to keep your readers updated with fresh content, they get indexed in the major search engines like any other web site, but then they also get listed in blog-specific directories, and in such massive traffic generators as Technorati and MyBlogLog. But it’s only when coupled with the latest SEO plugins that your blog really starts to rock as a targeted traffic generator – and Alex Sysoef’s Expert WordPress installs these for you too.

Best of all, this tool is a newbie’s dream – no technical knowledge is required whatsoever to install secure, optimized WordPress blogs with it, and Alex STILL includes videos to demonstrate exactly how to complete the 3 steps required. I sure wish this software had been available 4 years ago when I first started blogging!

So obviously it’s a no-brainer that you want this software as part of your affiliate marketing routine, that you want to install WordPress Blogs & their SEO plugins automatically. So once you see all the features of Alex Sysoef’s Expert WordPress software, I’m sure that you’ll be as surprised as I was that he’s giving it away for free. And that he has an upgraded version with more features that’s available for a low monthly investment.

Alex Sysoef’s Expert WordPress software really has to be the best traffic-generating software aid for affiliate marketers I’ve seen in the last year or two – I give it 5 out of 5 and suggest you download it now while it’s still free! Put your affiliate marketing – and any other blogging you do – into the big leagues today!

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