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Affiliate marketing is just starting to come into it’s own as a true, professional industry but back in the early days of the web it was different story – hundreds or thousands of affiliates were groping around looking to find what would work – and one of the true victors that emerged from that fray was Rosalind Gardner. Her Super Affiliate Handbook is probably still the best-selling guide to affiliate marketing on the market, and Ros continues to offer help and advice to all affiliates as her own business grows.

In fact, Rosalind Gardner’s Net Profits Today blog is SO helpful that it made my list of Top 20 Internet Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2010! And just today Rosalind posted her Affiliate Marketing Predictions for 2010 – here’s the video:



Be sure you watch the video right through – it runs about 7 minutes. It’s easy to see not only her enthusiasm for the industry, but that Rosalind Gardner is one lady who truly cares about her readers and video audience and is all too happy to pass along the helpful information she’s learned in her years as the Super-Affiliate Queen. And some of the facts she shares here from Forrester Research are astounding – astoundingly great for affiliate marketers, that is!

Do yourself a favor to help your affiliate marketing business grow in 2010 – follow these simple steps right now:

  1. Watch the Rosalind Gardner video above;
  2. Follow Rosalind Gardner on Twitter;
  3. Bookmark the Net Profits Today Blog; and
  4. Subscribe to Ros’ e-zine to get regular helpful affiliate marketing tips!

Disclaimer: Sorry, but there are NO affiliate links or sales links in this post. I haven’t lost my edge, so don’t worry – I’m just that big a fan of Ros’ and think her information can really be helpful to EVERYONE that’s in any way involved in affiliate marketing. I PROMISE I’ll have my usual glut of money-making affiliate and sales links in future posts, so don’t abandon the ol’ Captain now, ok? 😉

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Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business From Home

©2009 Doug Champigny, All Rights Reserved.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest and fastest way for most people to start making money online. And as more and more people wake up to the new economic reality, a work-at-home (WAH) business is very attractive to supplement their full-time income and build eventually into a true full-time work-from-home business of their own!

No one disputes the benefits of working from home, or that an online business is probably the best choice for most WAH startups – and affiliate marketing is the easiest quickest and often least expensive way to start. But just how do you go about starting an affiliate marketing business from home?

The first step is to be brutally honest with yourself – after all, not everyone is cut out to be self-employed, not matter what type of business startup is involved. Are you always ready to learn? Do you have the discipline to set aside time for your business on a regular schedule and not deviate from it? Can you persevere through the tough times when sales and profits are low or non-existent but you still need to invest more time and money? Can you resist pressure & interruptions from our family & loved ones to stay on track during your online time? Are you the type to focus on your own business while online, not getting sidetracked watching videos or playing online games?

If not, you’re wasting your time reading this or any affiliate marketing, Internet marketing or work-at-home blogs – without the discipline, focus and perseverance your attempts will amount to a very expensive and probably not profitable hobby. Sorry, but I’ve seen it time and time again – new affiliates who don’t take direction, don’t put in the effort then wonder why they’ve never made money online – and I DON’T want YOU to be one of them!

Since you’re still reading, I assume you’ve thought it over and decided to put in the effort and time it takes to succeed with your own work-at-home business, right? Then you’re next decision is whether affiliate marketing is the right choice for you…

If your CV, education and/or interests lean toward a career in writing, you may want to start into niche marketing instead – creating our own e-books on various niche topics and marketing those directly. Similarly, if your full-time job is in computer programming, it may be more logical for you to create and market your own line of software instead. While in either case you’ll probably use affiliate marketing as part of your ongoing income strategies, it wouldn’t be the focus of your new work-at-home business.

But if you’re background is in marketing, or you’re just not that familiar with any of this, then you’re probably best off starting with affiliate marketing to get your online business up and rolling… Product creation, salespage creative and design, payment processor, download delivery – all of the technical process is already in place on the merchants site, leaving the affiliate free to focus strictly on the marketing of the product – the fun side of the biz!

Think about it for a minute – every aspect of earning money online, be it Internet marketing, niche marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, building AdSense sites, offering services, running membership sites or anything else, requires targeted prospects to succeed. So you can think of affiliate marketing as the training ground for success in any online endeavor you eventually want to focus on in your new work-at-home business.

That’s what makes this your best starting point – the greatly reduced technical knowledge required and the superb training it provides for your future evolution online. If you’re looking to start an online work-at-home business, seriously consider starting with affiliate marketing – and then give it your best shot!

About The Author…

Internet Marketing Mentor & Speaker Doug Champigny

Doug Champigny is a world-famous Internet Marketing mentor & speaker and a recognized super-affiliate who has been online full-time since 1996. Be sure to visit his Internet Marketing Blog, his Affiliate Training Blog and to follow Doug on Twitter!



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In Internet marketing and affiliate marketing there are a lot of ‘personalities’ – but very few true giants. One obvious exception, a true ‘giant’ in online marketing, is Stephen Pierce. If you’ve never experienced one of his live events, his live training, sign up right now and watch this Stephen Pierce video for free!

To see the video for free, you’ll be signing up for the notification list for Mike Filsaime’s launch next week – not for the product, just for the notification list. And that’s big too, in it’s own right!

You see, next week Mike is doing the biggest of the “Free + Shipping” releases that’s been done this year. He’s going to give out copies of the 7 Figure Code DVDs for Free, and Stephen’s video is from that set.

In June or July 2008 I personally paid $497 for these videos – and it was well worth it! It’s 16 sessions with some of the biggest names in the biz. But don’t take my word for it – watch the free Stephen Pierce video and you’ll see how great these videos are for yourself.

Most important to keep in mind is that this will only be available til he launches next week – so go watch your free video now!

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I ran a series on The Power Of Free In Affiliate Marketing here on the blog back in September – if you read it, you’ll remember I said the game had changed suddenly, and that Free was going to be the new buzzword for successful affiliate marketing. And boy, has it ever!

Take, for instance, UK marketing golden boy Lee McIntyre – the teacher who retired young and built an online business into the 6-figures a MONTH range. He’s currently letting his VIP affiliates give away the videos of his ‘Inside Out / Upside Down’ Internet marketing training bootcamp just to make more people aware of his various coaching programs and products.

Now this may not seem like a big deal, til you realize the marketing bootcamp was just held in August, so the info is extremely current – and that those attending live paid $997 a seat to hear this same training! Just pay for the DVD to be shipped to you and you get the full bootcamp on video, without flying to the UK, paying for the hotel & meals or paying the $997 to get in! Think I’m kidding? Get your marketing bootcamp DVD right now from Lee and see for yourself!

Or take another example – Mark Hendricks’ Internet Super Stars Conference being held in Orlando Florida in January 2010. This is one powerhouse event – so much so that even your ol’ Captain hisself is going to be speaking on Power Start 2010, then running a hands-on workshop to get Internet marketers and affiliate marketers up to speed FAST in January. (Hope I’ll get to meet you there and help YOU more directly!)

Anyway, as part of the lead-up to the event, Mark is holding a series of webinars with the speakers to show how much value there is to the event and demonstrate that each is a true expert in our respective fields. Each of these webinars could be a standalone $97 product, yet Mark has created a Free Membership level and is allowing full access to the recordings plus live access to the remaining webinars as they happen. And there’s absolutely no obligation to attend the event – the free members get access to these pre-event recordings whether they’re attending the event or not.

Naturally I hope you’ll come to the event and meet me, tell me about your online activities to date and let me offer you some free advice on how to quickly kick it up a notch – but even if you can’t make the event, at least get the free recordings to listen to!

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