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Here’s another advanced Affiliate Marketing Power Tip from Captain Affiliate: There’s a new affiliate marketing tool for ClickBank affiliates that lets you automate your profits and list-building through ClickBank – and automatically increases your affiliate marketing commissions too!

If you’ve been paying attention to the affiliate marketing and joint venture partner contests lately, you know that they’re being won by affiliates and partners who are offering related bonuses, right? But why only use that system for contests – especially if you could use it to make money on every ClickBank promotion in every niche you operate in?

Until now, the hardest part about offering bonuses to ClickBank buyers was that as the affiliate, you don’t get the info on who bought through your link added to your autoresponder, and you had to deliver every bonus manually – either by looking up your sales and e-mailing those people, or by getting your buyers to then e-mail you their receipt so you could send them your bonus – complicated, faulty and a pain, right?

That’s why the Captain was so stoked to see Jeff Czyzewski’s new CB Bonus Domination package – it puts all of that on autopilot for you – delivering the bonus, adding the person to your autoresponder – the whole bit! No more fussing around tying up all your time for one lousy affiliate promotion after another… Now you can be operating – and profiting – in every niche you promote ClickBank products to at the same time – automatically!

Jeff’s put a great video together about his CB Bonus Domination package, so head on over and watch the CB Bonus Domination video right now, ok?

(Smart affiliates will see right away how well this system could utilize our free Daily ClickBank Product Alerts to crush affiliate marketing competition – when the alert shows a new rising star on ClickBank in one of your niches, immediately set up your CB Bonus Domination promotion for it and be making affiliate commissions and building your niche mailing lists before most other ClickBank affiliates even know the product exists! )

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Affiliate marketing on Twitter, or anywhere else for that matter, has certain techniques and tactics that make one more successful than other affiliates. For example, affiliates following the Advanced Twitter Marketing System are going to do better than those following common Twitter operating practices.

But what many people forget is that affiliate marketing, and all Internet marketing in general, is a business – and like any business, you’ll never get more out of it without putting more into it! Unsuccessful affiliates look to the super-affiliates and figure either they’re just lucky or they have some secret trick they use…

Well, truth is they do have a trick – but it’s no secret. It’s called hard work! Far too many would-be affiliates fail because they either don’t put in the effort it takes for successfull affiliate marketing, or they are putting in effort, but with no discipline to keep them on track and avoiding time-wasting and commission-shrinking activities.

Let me demonstrate a perfect example – the launch of the Advanced Twitter Marketing System. The product launched 1 week ago today, and 12 affiliates have sales there in that week. Mike Paetzold is in first place, followed closely by Joel Osborne – and they’re both far well ahead of the other 10 affiliates.

Now the playing field started out level – all of the Team Champigny affiliates had access to the Advanced Twitter Marketing affiliate resources. All of those with sales so far have been blogging it, tweeting it, some have put buttons and banners on their sites or blogs and others mailed it to their e-zine lists. Some of the affiliates behind Mike & Joel are newbies, while others are pros with bigger lists and more experience. They both have other sites, products and affiliate programs they promote, so it’s not that they have more time available – although both ARE full-time Internet marketers.

Based on all of that, they should be about middle of the pack, right? So what shot these two to the lead right off the bat and kept them there? How did they achieve super-affiliate results with their promos to date? BOTH TOOK THE EXTRA STEP TO BE SURE THEY SUCCEEDED IN THEIR AFFILIATE EFFORTS!!! Rather than just settle for the same amount of effort the others put in, and settle for the same income as the others, both went one step beyond what any of the others has done so far!

What type of extra effort does it take to lead in affiliate programs? Here’s what they did to pull out in front: Mike Paetzold held a teleseminar where he interviewed me about the Advanced Twitter Marketing System and then opened up the lines for a callers’ Q&A session, and made the replay available here. Joel Osborne recorded an interview on the subject and made it available here, then also recorded an affiliate video and put it online at YouTube. Each also created related bonuses to give away to those buying the Advanced Twitter Marketing System through their links.

The results speak for themselves – Mike and Joel pulled well ahead of the pack the very first week out of the starting gate, and created resources that will continue to build their response as time goes on. They used Twitter & their e-zines to get sales started immediately, followed up with their recordings for both instant and long-term sales and used blog posts the same way. As a result, they’ve made more affiliate commissions from the Advanced Twitter Marketing launch than any of the other affiliates. As I write this, both show up in the first 2 pages of results for Advanced Twitter Marketing on Google as well, meaning they’ll continue to draw targeted traffic – and additional profits – from the search engines as time goes on!

So the next time you see some super-affiliate buying another house, another sports car or another yacht, instead of being envious or figuring they’re just lucky, remember Mike and Joel – and how with not much extra effort they pulled ahead – just because they DID put that extra effort in. If you want the great perks that affiliate marketing affords the super-affiliates, watch what Mike and Joel do and be just like them – successful!

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The Advanced Twitter Marketing System is being showered with accolades from Internet marketers and affiliate marketers worldwide – here’s a new video posted in support of an Advanced Twitter Marketing System interview with one of Internet marketing’s fastest rising stars, Joel Osborne

Advanced Twitter Marketing can take your affiliate marketing on Twitter into the black in as little as 3 or 4 days – and there’s proof for that in the testimonials from gurus and newbies alike on the Advanced Twitter Marketing site! And don’t miss the interview Joel did – he’s made it a free download from so listen to the interview now, then get your own copy of Advanced Twitter Marketing now!

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Advanced Twitter marketing is a very powerful affiliate marketing tool, and should be part of every professional affiliate marketer’s toolbox.

Let’s cut through all the cacaphony of amateur advice being flung around and zero in on professional marketing strategies that really do work and are being used by full-time professional online marketers every day to make hefty affiliate marketing commissions in the real world… What works right now!

We’ve talked about the need for every affiliate marketing practitioner, from newbie to super-affiliate, needing a blog for each niche they operate in. There’s no doubt about this one – from free targeted traffic from the search engines to effective pre-selling posts to list-building squeeze pages and opt-in forms, blogs are the most important tool for power affiliate marketing right now.

So while Twitter is the hottest Web 2.0 platform right now and has as many different uses as it has users, the biggest value advanced Twitter marketing has for affiliate marketing is as a targeted traffic magnet to drive your target audience to your affiliate marketing blogs.

Think about it for a minute – your blog has links to your affiliate promotions, general information for people interested in your niche (your targeted prospects), an opt-in form on each page, and probably links to one or more products or free gifts you offer, right? So if you’ve built a targeted folowing on Twitter, those people would want access to all of that too, right?

And even though we’re professional affiliate marketers, our own behaviour on Twitter gives us a strong hint in how to use the site as part of what we do… When you read through the Tweets of those you follow, which are you most likely to click on or retweet? A tweet that says ‘Buy this now…’ or one that says ‘New Blog Post: Why…’ Of course, it’s the second one, right? And your followers will behave just like you do in most cases…

So while there’s nothng wrong with sending the odd straight pitch to your Twitter followers, your most effective tweets will be announcing new blog posts and pointing people to info already on your blog. Blog posts like 27 Proven Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Commissions Now! or Affiliate Marketing Using Twitter – 7 Twitter Tips can be tweeted every few days for months. (Don’t be afraid to re-send tweets – your followers usually don’t see every tweet you send, and you gain new followers there pretty mch every day.)

Do you have blog posts that offer incentives to people who join your opt-in lists? Smart professional affiliates give away value-packed reports that include their affiliate links to related products, like those you can download free from Jeff Dedrick’s Viral E-Book Explosion. Brand the e-book with your affiliate link, put up the accompanying list-building squeeze page, then do a blog post offering your free download to your blog readers.

Then go back to Twitter and post a tweet like ‘FREE DOWNLOAD: Get your free (whatever) report today from (site)’ This a) gets people to your blog, b) gets more people onto your opt-in list, and c) gives your followers great content while also putting your affiliate links in front of them. If you’re smart you’ll also give them a copy of the squeeze page with your opt-in form removed, so they can give away your branded report to build their own lists. Not all will, but those who do will be putting your affiliate links in front of that many more people.

But don’t just barrage your followers with your own tweets – no matter how witty, funny or ‘spay-shul’ you think you are, no one of us can be the complete answer for our target markets – and no one is an island, as the old saying goes. Just as your tweets help your followers, those YOU follow will post info helpful to you, too. Don’t be stingy – pass those tweets along to our people as well. Just be sure to do them as retweets – never steal another marketer’s tweets and claim them as your own.

One final tip from my upcoming Advanced Twitter Marketing System – don’t get addicted to Twitter. Yes, Twitter is a powerful affiliate marketing tool – but it’s JUST a tool. Just as you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to drive in a nail or a blowdryer to apply blush, each tool has it’s own usage. Give Twitter 10-15 minutes of your time every 3 or 4 hours, but then shut it back down and go on with your blogging, list-building, article marketing, video marketing and the rest of the activities involved in professional affiliate marketing. Twitter deserves to be added to your strategies, bt not at the expense of your other equally-effective marketing components.

Additional Twitter Marketing Resources:

The Twitter Effect 2.0 Videos: Training for those looking to start marketing on Twitter.

Advanced Twitter Marketing Blog: Information on advanced techniques for marketng on Twitter.

The Road To Twitter Success: General information on using Twitter for business and/or marketing.

Follow the author (Doug Champigny) on Twitter.

Advanced Twitter marketing, combined with current Web 2.0 marketing strategies is currently the most successful way to establish a new work-at-home business, increase your affiliate marketing profits, build a targeted opt-in list and drive targeted traffic to your sites, blogs and affiliate links.

Watch this space for the announcement when I release my new Advanced Twitter Marketing System later this week!

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Anyone who’s been in affiliate marketing knows who Jimmy D. Brown is – an amazing marketer who, in spite of his laid-back style, was one of the first super-affiliates to make 6 figures a year – and more! And he single-handedly created the entire e-book system we all use, so this is a true pioneer we’re talking about here…

Well, after being an affiliate marketing expert for over 10 years, Jimmy has brought out a new e-book just this morning, called Affiliate Pay Raise. In it, Jimmy discusses exactly how to give yourself a raise in your affiliate marketing – in fact he shows you 27 proven ways to increase your affiliate marketing commissions right now, so you see more money in your very next cheque!

Here’s how Jimmy describes it:

* * * * * * * * * *

This 40-page manual is jam-packed with meaty affiliate marketing ideas, including…
– 27 guaranteed ways to increase your affiliate commission checks regardless of what program you are promoting.
– How to score big with affiliate marketing even if there are thousands of other people promoting the exact same product you are promoting.
– Simple things you can do to boost your affiliate commission income by merely making a request.
– How to get bigger commissions by making tiny strategic decisions that are almost too simple to mention but are amazingly overlooked.
– A special “kind” of ezine article that always leads to extra orders through your affiliate link.
– The one thing you’re prospects are always looking for and how to use it in order to easily persuade them to order the product you’re promoting.
– How to promote multiple offers at the exact same time to get extra sales without extra effort.
– 5 quick tips for separating yourself from the same old “cookie cutter” affiliate marketing that others are using … and how it leads to additional orders.
– The “big commissions” formula complete with examples and an actual email template you can swipe and use to put this formula into practice immediately.
– The real reason why so many affiliates have small checks and what you can do in order to sidestep this barrier all the way to the bank.
– The “30 day free training program” strategy that virtually guarantees extra orders through your affiliate link in MULTIPLE programs.
– How to promote your favorite affiliate program using a simple ebay™ strategy.
– The “work together” method that you and other affiliates can use to see a spike in ALL of your commission checks.
– The affiliate marketing “shift in thinking” that will allow you to do everything in this report without doing anything at all.

* * * * * * * * * *

This really is a no-brainer – it’s simple enough for newbies, yet complete enough to help seasoned veterans of the affiliate marketing arena. And he’s letting it go cheap enough there’s no excse not to read through it and see what tactics you’ve been missing, and just where you can increase your affiliate marketing profits right away.

Pick up your copy of Jimmy D. Brown’s Affiliate Pay Raise right now – after all, you DO deserve to make more from your affiliate marketing, don’t you?

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